SINCE 1905

We welcome you to the site of Dragonas Bros S.A. Our goal is to inform you as best as we can for our company and our products: "Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Dried Figs, Aromatic Herbs (Greek Oregand, Tea e.c.), Spoon Sweets, Marmalade (Figs, olives e.c. marmalade), Sea salt".
Our company has updated its site trying to harmonically link the modern way Internet is providing for spreading information with a  4000 years old traditional Kalamata products.

Our Company can provide you with the famous Calamata products. Select below and see more informations about the product you want.


ASPROHOMA - KALAMATAS: 12 KLADAS STR. CALAMATA - GREECE OFFICE TEL: +302721023172 FAX: +302721084134 FACTORY TEL: +302721069587

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